How to Get Beautiful Cell Phone Wallpapers

How to get beautiful cell phone wallpapers? There are two ways: the original cell wallpapers made and delivered by manufacturers or to download from internet. The former is a nice way but only has a few options, generally they are JPG files, while the later is more in quantity, variations and file types.

Some cell phone wallpapers are really smart and innovative. For example, my cell phone is a Nokia N25, the latest from the Nokia team. 13 wallpapers were assigned to match the N25, they are Morning.JPG, Dusk.JPG, Leafs.JPG, Lights.JPG, etc. My favorite wallpaper is the Morning.JPG. Actually this map is a red wallpaper which puts on several plum branches and four white little plum flowers, the traditional Chinese landscape, so charming that it makes you go into a sad but comfortable artistic conception.

On the contrary, all my friends would rather download the cell phone wallpapers from internet. Three in four cell phone wallpapers are landscape type. Some of them are fascinating, because they are made by software. Imagine your own piece of wonderful cell phone wallpaper displayed on your cell phone screen, they make you so cool that your friend will cheer for them. It also presents your artistic taste and individuality, do you agree with me?

Today there are many special cell phone wallpapers websites online, they offer plenty of maps related to animal, beauty, landscape, car, even porn photos and weapons. They are all free to download but the good ones will charge you a small fee in the near future. My friend, Jane, a smart girl, showed me her new phone wallpaper, a map which displayed a constantly jumping monkey that struggled to catch hold of a banana. It’s amazing and hilarious.

So what are you waiting for, download your wallpaper now.